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We believe there is a substantial and unexplored potential market for high-end Shisha users in Europe which has not yet been completely recognised.


Specially in London, today the Shisha is often associated to specific cultures but we strongly believe that in many parts of the world , the Shisha is also becoming very trendy and we precisely want to acquire this international, young and high-end growing segment.


Not Only Clouds is aiming to become the largest global community for Shisha connoisseurs.

We will help out selected restaurants and lounges by providing equipment, staff, entertainment services, digital marketing, PRs, and personalised advice, all designed to enable restaurants to provide the highest possible Shisha experience to its customers.


We will only use the best technologies and new available tools to deliver a delightful experience to our customers but also to reduce the impact on health with an unprecedented attention to details.


We aim to create an internationally recognised brand starting from London and expanding into South of France, South of Spain, Sardinia and Greek Islands. Together with our partners, we want to be the leaders in the Shisha market not only disrupting it but together, reshaping it with the view of creating a sophisticated, stylish, sustainable and compliant business.


We are collaborating with marketing specialists as we want to build a strong digital and social media platform in order to promote and advertise the services we will be bringing together with our restaurant partners.


We want to create long term alliances based on trust, shared vision and an unconditional attention to clients.


Life is made of dreams, passions, love and a lot of hard work!

Shisha Market

The Shisha Market worldwide is growing. Empiric evidence proves that restaurants partnering with professional Shisha providers can increase gross revenues by up to 50%.


The Shisha Market traditionally covering the Middle East population is rapidly evolving. A Market research conducted by our specialists is corroborating our vision, while the Middle East segment remains strong, there is an imminent soaring opportunity to acquire clients from different regions.


We believe that by unlocking this opportunity, the potential to cover European, Eastern European and Asian clients is massive.

In London, despite the many places already promoting this service, it is unlikely to find venues offering a sophisticated product targeting a stylish and international clientele.

We believe that by offering the best possible innovative products together with unparalleled attention to service and execution, we will have the possibility to gain market share quickly.


The end game is to become a global community where the restaurants partnering with us will be promoted and will have the opportunity to have regional exposure through a professional Marketing and Social media platform.

Partnership Model

Not Only Clouds is offering a transparent model of collaboration. We bring over our bespoke services so you can to your customers an amazing Shisha experience. After an initial discussion, we will provide you with a clear business plan and proposal free of charge. Together with you, we will define the next steps necessary to implement a bespoke winning strategy.

Our services will include:


  • Initial assessment to what is necessary to offer the shisha service and increase revenue
  • If necessary, refurbishment of the outdoor lounge area to make it appropriate, comfortable, safe and stylish
  • We will provide high-quality shisha equipment, the best selection of tobaccos, and innovative products that will create a memorable and exclusive experience of shisha
  • We will provide highly trained personnel to service and mix the shisha to your clients
  • If necessary, we will request all the necessary licenses and make sure your establishment is safe and compliant to conduct the activity
  • We will advertise your establishment through PR’s, Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • We will organize special events to promote your venue
  • We will take all the running costs of shisha on us
  • All the above will be provided to you for free and we will share a percentage of the gross revenues coming from shishas with you.

Advantages of this model versus proposing the Shisha service directly yourself:


  • Initial investment: quite high considering that the equipment is expensive and it includes having the appropriate layout to run the business successfully
  • Running costs: operations can be expensive and costly; because of our experience and economies of scale, we are more efficient and we will cover it
  • Expertise: finding the best in class professionals to mix and serve the shisha can be difficult and we are here to make sure that our staff is carefully selected and highly trained to deliver best in class service
  • Marketing: we leverage on the digital platform and social media presence that we build to enhance and promote your restaurant and activities

Main drivers of revenues increase:


  • Have a new stream of income from the sale of shishas.
  • Attracting a new segment of clients coming mainly for the shisha but will also have drinks and food.
  • Increase occupancy with consumers who come in between lunch and dinner for social smoking.



Our Venues

Byblos Harbour Restaurant

Address: 40 West Quay Walk, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9DH
Open for shisha:
Monday – Saturday 14:00 – 23:00
Sunday 14:00 – 22:30
link: https://byblos-harbour.com
Phone:+4420 7538 4882

Borshtch n Tears – Борщ И Слёзы

Address: 46 Beauchamp Pl, Chelsea, London SW3 1NX
Open for Shisha:
Wednesday – Sunday 15:30 – 1:30 am
Link: http://www.borshtchntears.com
Phone: 020 7589 5003

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