About Us

Not Only Clouds is a start-up aiming to reinvent new standards of shisha experience. We aim to disrupt a 5 centuries old mastery by focusing on the integrity of our ingredients and innovative technics.


We will disobey the current rules and standards trying to reinvent and improve the experience our customers will sense. Our future selected lounges will recreate a sophisticated and stylish ambience aiming to delight its patrons.


We love innovation and we are totally devoted to our customers who eventually, will pronounce the ultimate verdict.


Classic Shisha 25 £

Design Shisha 45 £

Fruit Shisha (pre-order 24 hours) 100 £

Refill Head 20 £

WTO shisha 50 £


Classic Fruit Head (grapefruit, pineapple) 10 £

Exotic Fruit Head (watermelon, melon) 20 £

Disposable / Medical pipe 5 £

Ice Pipe 5 £

Alcohol Base (additional charge)

Champagne Base 50 £

Milk Base 10 £

Wine Base 30 £

Vodka Base 40 £

Full range of tobaccos

We will ensure a full range of tobaccos are supplied from around the world to match the taste of most demanding customers:


Fumari Shisha flavour is considered one of the finer and more premium shisha flavours available on the market. Fumari offers a wide variety of delicious flavours and silky smooth smoke that are normally produced in small limited batches and are hand packed for guaranteed freshness.


Tangiers is a potent shisha tobacco made in small batches, with seasonal flavor rotations.  This brand of tobacco has an obsessive cult-like following that no other hookah tobacco can claim. Tangiers smokes best with a tight back in a phunnel bowl if you want the full effect of massive clouds and flavor that kicks like a mule.


Savacco hookah tobacco is sold wholesale to hookah lounges and tobacco retailers around the world.  With a growing domestic fan base since 2008, this shisha has gone global in recent years and seen an explosion in sales.  It’s popularity in Europe is unmatched! This American-style shisha focuses on delicious flavor blends with smooth, thick clouds.

Al Fakher

Al Fakher Tobacco, the world famous leading brand, gained its reputation as one of the finest brands of Shisha Tobacco flavours, used primarily by experienced Shisha users because of its smooth and unique smoking experience.


Strong and intensive flavour for the shisha conacours. It came to market only a few years ago, but gained love and trust of the market. Its properties are high end and the true shisha lovers will know the difference.

World Tobacco Original

World Tobacco Original is a group of high-class professionals with over 20 years experience in hookah industry. WTO are the very first company who started using vintage cigar tobacco leaves for hookah tobacco production. They provide and option to taste and enjoy best vintage tobacco from all over the world, in a previously unknown way. They collect and use the best types of vintage tobacco from all over the world. WTO company cooperates with world’s largest tobacco brands, manufactures and plantations, which are located all around the globe.


Savacco hookah tobacco has released the finest of most famous flavours in shisha molasses. the most conspicuous feature of tobacco is the unique texture, its recipe was specially developed for extra long smoking pleasure. all shisha tobacco is steeped for at least 2 weeks before being packaged in order to achieve the perfect flavour strength throughout each smoking session.

Our Venues

Byblos Harbour Restaurant

Address: 40 West Quay Walk, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9DH
Open for shisha:
Monday – Saturday 14:00 – 23:00
Sunday 14:00 – 22:30
link: https://byblos-harbour.com
Phone:+4420 7538 4882

Borshtch n Tears – Борщ И Слёзы

Address: 46 Beauchamp Pl, Chelsea, London SW3 1NX
Open for Shisha:
Wednesday – Sunday 15:30 – 1:30 am
Link: http://www.borshtchntears.com
Phone: 020 7589 5003

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